Kicking it into HIGH GEAR!!

fabricpileHoly crap 84 days until Dragon*Con! I have so much work to do! I have to finish up commissions as well as finish up MY costumes.

Luckily I’m only working on one or two for myself, three if I find time… (eek!) so it shouldn’t be too bad. I guess that means I gotta light a fire under my butt to work on ALL THE THINGS!

It’s not like I haven’t been working, it’s just that with all of the repairs and subsequent clean-up job after going on in my house it’s been….hectic. Hopefully the cleanup will be finished by today (best. landlord. ever.) and I can get to work!

And in between work on cleaning the rest of the house some as well.

Projects to be completed by Dragon*Con:

– Rose Tyler (Idiot’s Lantern)

– Princess Leia

– Domino (if there’s time to make it!)

….I haven’t even started on them. Well, I’ve painted shoes for Rose and I have all of the fabrics for Leia and Rose.

I have to finish Princess Cadance by Sweet Apple Acres in July. It’s imperative.

Thankfully I’ve made progress on Cadance though! She’s almost done!

Oi, wish me luck. I’m going to need it!


    • Funny thing is – I found that one online. I think that’s how a lot of us are. Seriously though my sewing room / office is a wreck! I have a project for this weekend! Well…in between actually working on commissions for clients. 🙂

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