ST:TOS – Science Officer

TOSSkantRefSeries : Star Trek (TOS)
Variant : Science Officer (Commander Rank)
Date : 2010
Made For : GMX 2010
Status : Retired (Will remake)
Also Worn : Nashville Star Trek Convention 2011, Hypericon 2011, DragonCon 2011

Update : I am definitely going to remake this dress. Again. 🙂 I was really happy with the way the color turned out on this one – so I just have to find that greenish blue double knit fabric again and dye it to the right shade one more time. Eheheheheh… ^_^;;

About the Costume : The pattern is from and lengthened significantly. The double knit was a weird greeny color that I found on and is no longer available. I had to dye the fabric to the appropriate color. The patch and rank braid were from as well. The boots I already owned. Originally I used my own hair and as you can see it got hotter than balls and it got fuzzy. I also wore my Forever Young wig with the dress at some point.

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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