Pin Up Rogue

Series : Uncanny X-men
Variant : Pin Up
Date : 2013
Made For : DragonCon 2013
Status : Active
Also Worn : N/A

Updates : Thanks to Megan I was finally able to settle on a hair situation and I think it turned out lovely!

About the Costume: I made this for a Pin Up Social at DragonCon 2013. I found straight white bangs and swapped them out from the ones I had sewn into my original Rogue wig. I went for more of a Bettie Page hairstyle. The gloves are from my Rogue costume. The dress is a modified soda shop dress from Modcloth. Modified meaning shortened significantly. I made the belt, added the petticoat and shoes. The flower was made by my friend Megan. ❤

Costume Gallery

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