Kaylee Frye – Green Coveralls (v3)

kayleegreenrefSeries : Firefly
Variant : Green coveralls
Date : 2014
Made For : DragonCon 2014
Status : Active
Also Worn: Space City Comic Con 2016

Updates : Version THREE is was completed for DragonCon 2014. The coveralls have been dyed (using Dylon in Olive Green – 2 packs), and after dirtying them up and they’re ready to go!

About the Costume: The coveralls are modified from “Big Bill” poplin short sleeve coveralls. The sleeves were cut off as well as the front chest and back pockets. As before, I made the new left chest pocket from left over fabric (I used one of the old chest pockets). I sewed the action back down for a more fitted look. The coveralls were first dyed using iDye Poly (which was a total failure). I then dyed them using Dylon in Olive Green, which worked beautifully.

The teddy bear patch is the original one I’ve used on all of my other sets from Firefly Cargo Bay. The flower patch was made by “Bugmom65”, and the heart patch is made from scrap fabric I had. The top is the Karen Kane “Instyle” screen accurate “Cherry Tree Pagoda” top, and the jacket is the same Peony brand jacket I’ve used from before. The characters were drawn on and copied from my old pair. ^_^;

Kaylee Frye serves as the bubbly mechanic aboard Serenity

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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