Liv Moore – Lab Coat

Series : iZombie
Variant : Lab coat
Date : 2016
Made For : DragonCon 2016
Status : Active
Also Worn: Halloween 2017, DragonCon 2018

Updates : I’ve collected some screen accurate items, so this will be a nice comfy costume to wear.

About the Costume: This one was pretty simple. I already had a labcoat (duh, scientist), and sourced some great alt pieces to work. Dark heather grey tee, maroon hoodie, and I ended up pairing it with skinny jeans and heeled combat style boots. The wig was the palest white blonde wig I could find. Sadly it was curly af so I had to steam it to get it kind of straight. I also left some pieces wavy because Liv’s hair is pretty janky in the show. The makeup consists of a few layers. First, moisturize and prime, fam. The foundation is applied to the face, ears, neck, and chest. I use  Manic Panic Dreamtone, with a layer of Manic Panic Virgin powder to set it. I created contour using light grey eyeshadow as “blush” and various greys and reds around the eyes to create that dead look. The lips have a light foundation layer with a more nude eyeshadow to set it as well.


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