Princess Zelda – SS

zeldassrefSeries : The Legend of Zelda
Variant : Skyward Sword
Date : 2012
Made For : ConGlomeration 2012
Status : Retired
Awards : Best in Show – Conglomeration 2012
Also Worn : Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2012

Comments : I need to remake a couple of pieces, or just sell the whole thing. I haven’t decided.

About the Costume: The dress is made from pink broadcloth I found at Hobby Lobby. The yellow pieces are bias tape that are sewn and glued on. The blue jewel is a furniture mover thingy that I filled with sculpey. The sailcloth is white broadcloth I painted. The gold belt is made from gluing wooden round buttons onto wooden discs. They’re then primed and painted with gold enamel, then sealed. They were attached to a brown ribbon with E6000. The brown belt is linen that was fringed on the ends and had the blue and yellow detail added to them. The medallion is a pin made from sculpey. The blue part of the belt is fabric that I painted. I’d love to remake that. The ears are from Aradani Costumes. The wig is from and was styled by me. I’d love to redo the wig at some point as well. The boots are my brown Padme boots.

Zelda – Reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia

TNRF 2012 – Photos by Kirk Hugh

Link – Metric Jack
Princess Zelda – Patchwork Pirate
Ghirahim – Cy Chase

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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