Robin – Carrie Kelley

carriekSeries : Batman
Variant : TDKR: Carrie Kelley
Date : 2014
Made For : All-Con 2014
Status : Complete
Also Worn: DragonCon 2014, DragonCon 2016

Updates : The gloves now have snaps in them and I’ve remade the shoes (except the back part – next). I’m going to add snaps to the inside of the cape and tunic at the shoulders so I can basically wear it tucked back. I’ve since upgraded the wig! I now use the Arda Rufio in pumpkin. It’s perfect!

About the Costume: For the tunic went and ahead and modified Simplicity 2341. It’s a jacket pattern that has the princess seams and collar that I need. Also I was reminded of how much I love/hate working with spandex. I made a pattern for the shorts and added a waistband out of the same spandex. The cape was made from yellow gabardine and the edges were sewn then rolled twice for the hem. The “R” patch is a custom patch I had made using a vector I created. The shoes are kung-fu shoes that have spandex fabric glued down and the back is a second piece with buckram inside and sewn down onto the shoes. The glasses! Well, option #2 worked the best (see this post). The people over at Crystal Vision in North Little Rock did a phenomenal job cutting lenses and tinting them. I have to give them mad props. Option #1 turned out okay, but the lenses ended up being way too dark. Oh well, now I have some sweet everyday sunglasses. 🙂

Carrie Kelley – became the new Robin when SHE saved Batman

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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