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Moving Again…

Seriously, you think I’d stop that by now. Well, we’re at it again, but at least we’re just moving across town and not across multiple states. It’ll be tricky to get everything done for DragonCon since I’m moving August 6th, but I’m going to do my best! I have awesome costumes in progress, and some … Continue reading


  • Con season is upon us! I'm working on about four new costumes for DragonCon, and I hope I have enough time to do them! Ha! See you all at Dragon or around Houston with Cosplay Gallifrey Houston, the Rebel Legion, or with the Houston Area Ghostbusters!
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Dragon Con week is now decorated in my #happyplanner! Now to fill it in with shenanigans. #dragoncon2016 #ghostbusters #whoyagonnacall 👻 🚫 #planneraddict I'm at a friend's baby shower and this is the @ghostbusters themed block I made for her baby girl. #ghostbusters #whoyagonnacall 👻 🚫 #iaintafraidofnoghost #answerthecall It's that time of year again. Everyone at #sdcc - have fun, take lots of pics, and enjoy LineCon. Next up for for me is #dragoncon. 41 Days! Here's to getting halfway through the week! #forohagan



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