Ghostbuster Kaylee

Series : Ghostbusters / Firefly
Date : 2012
Made For : Dallas Fan Days Expo 2012
Status : Active
Also Worn : All-Con 2013, DragonCon 2013, WW Nashville 2013, Space City Con 2014, All-Con 2014, Pensacola ParaCon 2014, DragonCon 2014, Mardi Gras 2015, Space Space City Comic Con 2016, Comicpalooza 2016, DragonCon 2016, various events around Texas and the South

Updates : I need to remake the shirt, but wouldn’t you know it? JoAnn stopped carrying Monster Melt Grey during Halloween. I now use this interchangeably as my regular GB, because DANG it’s hot in Houston and sleeves are a dumb idea down there.

About the Costume: I am not the first person to make this costume! I was inspired by the girl who did it at Dragon*Con 2012. (Found her! Check her out here!)The coveralls are of course a CWP-P27 flight suit in tan that I cut the sleeves off of. The shirt is made from Monster Melt Grey fabric from Jo-Ann. I sewed my GB patch to the right sleeve. The nametag is hand made and embroidered w/floss to resemble the “Kaylee’s Room” sign in Firefly. Instead of a teddy bear, I hand embroidered a Stay-Puft marshmallow man patch. Originally I wore my Doc Martens with this costume and stuffed the flight suit into them. Now I wear my jump boots. The belt is a white pistol belt dyed grey. I also have accessories such as the gloves, PKE meter, radio, belt clips, etc. The pack in the first photos below was borrowed from my friend Tuba.

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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