Rose Tyler – TEC / TDD

TEC_TNSeries : Doctor Who
Variant : The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
Date : 2011
Made For : DragonCon 2011
Status : Complete!
Also Worn: A lot… seriously

Updates : Originally I had the purple alt jacket for this costume and I used to use my real hair. I have since acquired the SA jacket and a wig that looks amazing. I have acquired the SA jeans as well. The only thing I’m lacking is the SA tank (which I think is the same from “Dalek” and the SA boots, though my alts are pretty amazing!

About the Costume: This is by far the most comfortable Rose costume! Well, aside from the jacket being hot – but what are ya gonna do, right? The jacket is the brown SA Firetrap Harrie jacket. The jeans are the SA Oasis jeans. The shirt is a union jack shirt that looks the same as hers – hers has never been properly ID’d. The boots are lower top blue Timberlands with the same sole and logo as the SA boots.

Rose Tyler – “Finally, a professional”

Costume Gallery

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