Chrissy Cunningham


Series : Stranger Things (S4)
Variant : N/A
Date : 2022
Made For : Halloween
Status : Active
Also Worn: N/A

Updates : I need to have accurate pom poms made. I have a couple of sources, but getting just one set made isn’t really possible.

About the Costume: The top was made from two sweater vests found on Amazaon that I butchered and reassembled. I added the gold cheer tape and had the patch custom made through Etsy. The skirt is a Chasse standard cheer skirt with added gold/white cheer tape to the bottom. The scrunchie was a big one I found online, and the wig was a blonde wig found on Amazon. The shoes are my Reebok I use for Buffy and 80s Agatha. The necklace was bought from Amazon, and the hoodie I found on Amazon and modified by adding the sleeve trim using knit trim and the same cheer tape as on the skirt. I ordered the Hawkins patch from Etsy, and I embroidered “Chrissy” on it myself. The backpack was super easy to find the SA one, and it was amazingly enough on Amazon.

“Chrissy Cunningham, the queen of Hawkins High”―Eddie Munson

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