Kaylee Frye – Green Coveralls (v1 and 2)

kayleegreenrefSeries : Firefly
Variant : Green coveralls
Date : 2010 (v1), 2011 (v2)
Made For : Hypericon 2010
Status : Retired
Also Worn :
V1 – Whedonfest 2010, GMX vol.2, Cosplay Ice Skating 2011, ConGlomeration 2011, Serenity Screening Louisville KY 2011.
V2 – Serenity Crew at Dinosaur World, Hypericon 2011, Whedonfest 2011, DragonCon 2011, ConGlomeration 2012, Halloween 2012, ConGlomeration 2013

Updates : Version THREE is under way for DragonCon 2014. The coveralls have been dyed (using Dylon in Olive Green – 2 packs), and I have sewn the patches on. Now I need to dirty them up and they’re ready to go!

About the Costume: The coveralls are modified from surplus Dutch army mechanic coveralls. The sleeves were cut off and I made the left front pocket from one of the sleeves. The teddy bear patch and v1 parasol are from Firefly Cargo Bay, the original flower was from ebay, and the heart patch is a fuzzy heart patch I found online. The jacket was found on etsy and is “Peony” brand, and the original top was from Goodwill. The second parasol was painted by me to be more SA, and I have since found the SA Karen Kane top.

Kaylee Frye serves as the bubby mechanic aboard Serenity

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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