GLOW: Liberty Belle

Series : GLOW
Variant : Series 1-3 Wrestling Outfit
Date : 2018
Made For : DragonCon 2018
Status : Active
Also Worn: DragonCon 2019

About the Costume: Debbie (Alter ego: Liberty Belle) wears this uniform in the ring during Seasons 1-3 of GLOW. I made this to go with my good friend Alison’s Zoya the Destroya for DragonCon and let me tell you, this is by far one of my favorite costumes to wear. It is so much fun!

The leotard is made from holographic white 2-way stretch velvet from Spandex World (sold out – need an alt source), using Kwik Sew 3502, with a heavily modified version of Views A+C (no skirt, no sleeves). I gathered the front to give it more of the neckline I wanted. The Star-Spangled vest pattern was drafted and then created using white vinyl on the front, and more of the holographic spandex on the back. There is a zipper closure in the back to match the screen worn uniform. The stars are created using glitter heat transfer vinyl in various sizes that I actually sewed down — DO NOT IRON YOUR VINYL, PEOPLE. The rhinestones are three different sizes and are all hand glued down to the stars using E6000 Fabric glue. That shit doesn’t budge. I do have to replace rhinestones every once in a while, but honestly that’s because of some of the photos/poses/running around that’s been done in the costume. The tights are shiny dance tights that I cut a hole in the crotch of and finished the edges (Sorry, TMI – but a girl’s gotta pee). The boots are actual wrestling boots that I found. They are stupid comfortable, too. The necklace is one that resembles the one she wears in Season 1.

The wig is from Vedar that I steam curled and then brushed and teased out. Honestly I want to make it bigger at some point, but I do like how it looks now.

The makeup is a whole other story — I followed the tutorial for her actual makeup, using some of the SA and some alternate items. The prepwork consists of moisturizing and priming your face of course, and using Skyn cooling eye gels (those are a damned lifesaver). I start with my standard base foundation/concealer/powder combo, then move onto the character makeup. The brows are filled in using TooFaced’s chocolate brow-nie brow pencil in Soft Brown. The blush/mask around the eyes is MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet (SA). The eyes are primed and then I use NYX hot singles eyeshadow in Diamond Dust and Electroshock, glitter glue, and their face/body glitter in Ice and Blue for the eyes. I use Besame’s cake mascara for both eyeliner and mascara, and top it off with false lashes. For the lips, I use MAC’s Wonder Woman lipglass in…Wonder Woman over Besame’s Victory Red.

I’d like to call on the power of my three favorite Americans…

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