Padme Amidala – RotS

padmerefSeries : Star Wars
Variant : RotS Mustafar Outfit
Date : 2011
Made For : DragonCon 2011
Status : Active
Worn : DragonCon 2011, ConNooga 2012,  Various troops in Arkansas and Texas

Updates : Rebel Legion approved! This is my first legion costume. V1 of this outfit had a collar that just would NOT stand up and the buckle and brooch were made out of Sculpey. I drew out the designs and made the brooch and my friend Allan made the buckle. I was able to purchase a metal buckle and brooch (and received it six months later…yeesh) and it is currently on my costume. I’d like to take the bodice in a bit as well.

About the Costume: The tunic is made from a microsuede I found at Sir’s Fabrics. The first version had a collar that would not stand up. I remade the collar – which is detachable and put buckram in it. It closes via a snap. I had the pants commissioned and made out of a cream stretchy material. V1 of the metal pieces were a challenge. I drew out the designs and made the brooch and my friend Allan made the buckle. V2 of the buckle and brooch are metal from Shadowdale Creations. I do not recommend them simply because it took a YEAR AND A HALF to get them! They are gorgeous though. :\ The boots are the same as my black boots and are Katie by StepUp Comfort.

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