Black Canary

bcyjrefSeries : Young Justice
Variant : Cartoon
Date : 2012
Made For : Chattacon 2012
Status : Semi-Active
Also Worn : YJ Photoshoot with MageTV, Free Comic Book Day 2012, DragonCon 2012

Updates : I plan on re-making the leggings for this costume as I have a pattern with accurate seams. I’d also like to make/find a better jacket and some kick ass boots. We’ll see. I haven’t worn this in a while so who knows if I ever will again.

About the Costume: The bodice thingy is actually a bustier shaper thing I found. The jacket was a Goodwll find, and I wear my Padme boots with it. I now wear a wig with the costume, I’ve re-made the choker, and I found pretty damn near screen accurate pants. 🙂 I did wear the Forever Young wig for a bit, but have since gone to the Adra Ferrari in Ash Blonde. I love the waves so much more. 🙂

Black Canary serves as a trainer and mentor to the team in Young Justice.

Costume Gallery

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