WandaVision: Agatha Harkness

agathatnSeries : WandaVision
Variant : Final Form
Date : 2021
Made For : DragonCon 2021
Status : Active
Also Worn: DragonCon 2022

About the Costume: Agatha reveals herself to be the one in control of Westview and the one pretty much running the show – pun intended. She wears this outfit during the final confrontation w/the Scarlet Witch.

The dress was ordered through procosplay.com and I was really pleased with it. I knew from the beginning I was going to alter pieces of it, but let me tell you – their sizing is VERY accurate. I ordered a pre-determined size rather than custom, that way I’d have some room for alterations. The dress fit exactly as I had thought, so that part was a breeze. I made an underskirt using this Moonglow fabric I ordered, which I will say is the absolutely WORST material I’ve ever worked with. It kept shredding and shredding because I didn’t realize when ordering that it was stretchy. The little iridescent plastic strings inside made this damned fabric near impossible to work with. For the front, I added this lightning lace fabric from BigZ Fabrics to go over the pre-embroidered neckline as I wasn’t really a fan of it. I also added some holo powder to make it sparkle. Please note: The navy lightning fabric is a true navy and not muted like their photo shows – BigZ is pretty terrible w/lighting when it comes to their pics. Their royal blue is a SUPER BRIGHT blue, too. Ask me how I know…

2022 Update – I’m adding more changes to this dress before I finally tackling making a new one for 2023 (grad school got in the way). I’ve since slit the front underskirt panel, changed the buttons on the torso, taken in the front, changed out the buttons on the sleeves, added actual chain instead of that weird faux leather braid, and glitterfied the everloving shit out of it. I’m also going to add a green/gold shimmer to it as well to make it more accurate.

In addition I’ve added an additional skirt underneath: A blue/purple colorshift taffeta skirt that is a-ma-zing!

The brooch consists of a “Three Graces” cameo blank I found on Etsy put into a pretty accurate setting that I painted gold using a gold paint pen.

This has been since updated to the official WandaVision “Three Graces” Agatha brooch.

The gloves are a pair of nude sheer (think panty hose) opera length gloves I found on Amazon that I painted black using fabric paint. I didn’t really want to put makeup all over my hands, so this ended up being a fantastic option!

There is also a version on Amazon with pre-dyed fingers – I have since switched to these but the other option is still great!

The boots are my Catskill Moccasins that I had commissioned in 2019. They’re black and blue, have silver cat buttons, and are the most comfy thing I’ve ever worn. They worked great for this.

The wig is just a lace front brown wig I had on hand – it’s actually a brown version of my Liberty Belle wig before I curled it. I may do the same with this one and then brush it out to make her hair wild. I’m still not sure at this point.

While this was a fun costume to wear for DragonCon, I’m in the process of totally remaking this gown using sourced fabrics and a more structured bodice. I hope to blog on that soon as it is already becoming stupidly complicated/expensive – it’s reminding me of a certain Space Princess and Fluffy Cupcake. sigh

I take power from the undeserving. It’s kinda my thing…

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