WandaVision: Agatha Harkness

agathatnSeries : WandaVision
Variant : Final Form
Date : 2021
Made For : DragonCon 2021
Status : Active
Also Worn: N/A – Probably Halloween.

About the Costume: Agatha reveals herself to be the one in control of Westview and the one pretty much running the show – pun intended. She wears this outfit during the final confrontation w/the Scarlet Witch.

The dress was ordered through procosplay.com and I was really pleased with it. I knew from the beginning I was going to alter pieces of it, but let me tell you – their sizing is VERY accurate. I ordered a pre-determined size rather than custom, that way I’d have some room for alterations. The dress fit exactly as I had thought, so that part was a breeze. I made an underskirt using this Moonglow fabric I ordered, which I will say is the absolutely WORST material I’ve ever worked with. It kept shredding and shredding because I didn’t realize when ordering that it was stretchy. The little iridescent plastic strings inside made this damned fabric near impossible to work with. For the front, I added this lightning lace fabric from BigZ Fabrics to go over the pre-embroidered neckline as I wasn’t really a fan of it. I also added some holo powder to make it sparkle. Please note: The navy lightning fabric is a true navy and not muted like their photo shows – BigZ is pretty terrible w/lighting when it comes to their pics. Their royal blue is a SUPER BRIGHT blue, too. Ask me how I know…

The brooch consists of a “Three Graces” cameo blank I found on Etsy put into a pretty accurate setting that I painted gold using a gold paint pen.

The gloves are a pair of nude sheer (think panty hose) opera length gloves I found on Amazon that I painted black using fabric paint. I didn’t really want to put makeup all over my hands, so this ended up being a fantastic option!

The boots are my Catskill Moccasins that I had commissioned in 2019. They’re black and blue, have silver cat buttons, and are the most comfy thing I’ve ever worn. They worked great for this.

The wig is just a lace front brown wig I had on hand – it’s actually a brown version of my Liberty Belle wig before I curled it. I may do the same with this one and then brush it out to make her hair wild. I’m still not sure at this point.

While this was a fun costume to wear for DragonCon, I’m in the process of totally remaking this gown using sourced fabrics and a more structured bodice. I hope to blog on that soon as it is already becoming stupidly complicated/expensive – it’s reminding me of a certain Space Princess and Fluffy Cupcake. sigh

I take power from the undeserving. It’s kinda my thing…

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