Yep, I’ve been busy! I’ve just added Applejack, Renge Houshakuji, Kaioh Michiru… I think that’s it.

I’ll be working on updating some more this weekend in between drying times and sanding metal plates for commissions. 🙂

I know, super short post… *sigh* My bad… Here are some pics!

appledash RengeKyoya



  1. Lol yeah those are all me as Applejack, Renge Houshakuji, and Kaioh Michiru. Ouran is a LOT of fun, and I have the Renge laugh (both English and Japanese) down to a fine art. I got no choice in which character I was to be. Not that I mind. Trolling Kyoyas is one of my favorite things.

  2. Are you in any of these costumes? LOVE the Ouran costumes!! My husband and I wanted to Haruhi and Tamaki.. he had the PERFECT hair for him – but now the Navy fixed THAT, haha..

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