Rose Tyler – The Christmas Invasion

Series : Doctor Who
Variant : The Christmas Invasion
Date : 2012
Made For : All the things!!!
Status : Complete
Also Worn: A lot. No really, I live in this hoodie.

Updates : I have acquired a VERY good replica belt (it was laser cut based off of an original), and have since attached the buckle and painted it. It rocks my world.

About the Costume: The hoodie is by Free People and has a very specific ribbon pattern. There is another version by FP that has a different ribbon pattern. I think it may also be a darker grey. Do not be confused. The jeans are the Rock & Republic Scorpion jeans in Addict wash. The tag on the inside should say “SCRAW”. The details are SILVER and the stitching is yellow. The shoes are Adidas Superstar II 35th Anniversary “I ❤ New York” edition. They have blue around the outside of the sole, orange at the back of the shoe, and came with both orange and white laces. Rose wears the orange ones. The belt is by Diesel and has a flower buckle. Also it has “Bандитc” across the back. There is another design Diesel did with this same buckle. The tank top has not been ID’d at this time. I actually have a tin full of buttons so I made my own. The coat is the Diesel “Ivrone” jacket and is probably the easiest piece from this outfit to find (the jeans are pretty easy to find, too…)

Rose Tyler – Defender of Earth

Costume Gallery

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