thorrefSeries : The Avengers
Variant : Genderbent
Date : 2012
Made For : GMX 2012
Status : Retired / SOLD
Also Worn : DragonCon 2013

Updates : Some day I’ll actually remake this costume, but as of now it has been sold to another costumer. I hope they love it as much as I did.

About the Costume: The bodice was made from a really neat pewter blackish fabric I found at Sir’s Fabrics (RIP). I used grey bias tape around the edges to tie in some of Thor’s outfit. The belt with the circle is made from a belt that had a bow closure and a pair of disc earrings. The hubster modified the belt for me. The oval belt is actually a long necklace from Charming Charlie. The bolero I found on ebay. The chest piece was a necklace from Charming Charlie that I pinned to the bodice. I found the braclets at a shop in Nashville that had the same appearance as the scalemail sleeves Thor had in the first movie. The hi-low skirt was drafted by me and made from royal blue shiny spandex, with a matching grey sparkly tulle underskirt. The boots I already owned. As for the headpieces, I glued white feathers together using E6000 and felt backing to make the wings and then attached them to a satin covered metal headband. The wig is an Arda Ferrari in blonde. Overall it was a relatively inexpensive costume and turned out pretty epic. I’ve since sold the bodice and skirts, but kept all of the accessories because I want to make another version of this so badly.

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