ST:TOS – Nurse Chapel

ChapelTOSrefSeries : Star Trek (TOS)
Variant : “The Naked Time”
Date : 2012
Made For : Nashville Star Trek Convention 2012
Status : Retired (Will remake)
Also Worn : Hypericon 2012

Update : I will definitely remake this dress. This dress is stupid hot in the summer time.

About the Costume: Nurse Chapel is one of my favorite characters of all time from the Trek universe. She’s right up there with Bones for me. Anyway, the dress is made from blue velour turned inside out (Ew – stupid hot). I used the pattern from (update: no longer sold there, but Katarra8 sells it!). The patch was from Katarra8 on ebay/etsy. The boots I already owned as they’re my Padme boots and the wig is my Ash blonde Ferrari that I used for Black Canary.

Costume Gallery

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 Progress Photos

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  1. Love it! Wondering if you might have a pattern or if you could tell me where you got inspiration… I’m in the process of researching a Nurse Chapel pattern without much luck.


    • Absolutely! I have the pattern from and I got my patch from Katarra8 on etsy. The hardest part of Nurse Chapel is finding the right color of blue. Hers is lighter than the rest of the science/medical team so it can be a hassle. Good luck! And feel free to share once you create your NC! That’s the most fun in costuming – sharing pics and oohing and ahhing! 🙂

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