WandaVision: 1920s Agatha Harkness

20sagathatnSeries : WandaVision
Variant : 1920s Original Design
Date : 2022
Made For : DragonCon 2022
Status : Active
Also Worn: N/A

About the Costume: How I’d imagine Agatha to look in the roaring 20s.

The dress is a gorgeous metallic cape gown I found at Macy’s that I can use for other events (like my work’s 20s themed holiday party). The shawl is a purple sequined piece I found on Amazon. The shoes are Naturalizer Bandele platform pumps that I already owned. The gloves, headpiece, pearls, bracelet, and earrings were all bought on Amazon. The cameo piece I already owned from the officially licensed set and the wig is my Disneybound Agatha wig. I went with vitrail medium crystals for the accent jewelry because it’s like a dark aurora borealis rainbowy color. I thought it was perfect for Agatha.

I barely wore this costume at DragonCon due to an ankle injury, but I will be wearing it again in a couple of weeks and bringing it back next year for sure.

Costume Logbook

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Progress Photos

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