ThorThe Girl Behind the Madness –

I am a Scientist, Trekkie, Browncoat, Whovian, Whedonite, gamer and costumer based out of Houston, TX. I am a self-taught seamstress, though I think I took after both of my grandmothers on that one – they were both fantastic with a sewing machine.

I have a bit of history with sewing and costuming – I’ve been making costumes for myself since I was about fifteen. However, those were mostly pirate and Halloween costumes. I really started sewing regularly in college. LotR had come out, and I was in love with the golden haired elf boy. So I made a couple of elf costumes. Thankfully, I do NOT have pics of those! They were…less than great. Either way, it ignited a spark and a hobby formed!

Nowadays while I’m not sewing for myself I actually do a few commissions – I make custom costumes, geek wear, and Kaylee bags (Since 2010) and post them up in my Online Shop.

Now let’s talk about Gear…

My main sewing machine is a Kenmore 19110 110 stitch computerized sewing machine. It’s actually identical to the Janome DC2010 – 2014 (because it’s made by Janome), and it is fantastic. I’ve sewn through layers upon layers of fabric and even leather!

I use a much older Kenmore as a backup and for more heavy duty garments that only require the most basic of stitches.

sergerI also use a Kenmore 3/4 serger. This is the same as the Janome 7933. This is pretty much the best investment I have made in my hobby – and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start taking sewing seriously. I can also recommend a couple of books on using a serger / overlock machine.

I’ve also just gotten the Janome HD-1000 Black Edition Industrial Grade machine. This thing is a work horse! It sews through multiple layers of canvas, denim, or leather like butter! It’s amazing.

I think my next one will be the Janome 1200D – I need a machine that also has a coverstitch.

And some day I will get an embroidery machine… (I’m looking at YOU, hubster!)


Why The Patchwork Pirate?

The Patchwork Pirate is the name I came up with for my sewing side project/hobby/avatar/whatever. Someone referred to me at the TN Ren Faire as “The Patchwork Pirate”. I’m rolling with it. In fact, I wish I could meet that person again and thank them.

On occasion I do take commissions, depending on my workload at the lab and whatever else I have going on. Please feel free to email me anytime and I’ll be happy to work with you! I’ll also be able to let you know my availability and whether or not I’m taking a commission at the time.

I hope to see some of you around the convention circuit – I usually go around to the Southeastern and Texas conventions!

Stay shiny!

~ Courtney



  1. Hi, love your work! I just stumbled upon your site today and I’m in awe! Would you by chance be open to a Peggy Carter blue suit commission?

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