Kaylee Frye – Prairie Harpy

kayleeprairierefSeries : Firefly
Variant : Prairie Harpy
Date : 2012
Made For : Chattacon 2012
Status : Retired (Selling v1) – v2 is happening!
Also Worn : Whedonites United Benefit Concert 2012, Photoshoot at the Parthenon, Whedonfest 2012, DragonCon 2012, DragonCon 2013

Updates: 09/2022 – Oh no…oh no no no. I found the screen accurate fabric, or rather they started printing it again. It’s called “Flowers on Water” also from Fabric Tales (and still 25″ wide, 1/4 yard increments, and expensive). Version 2 has to happen now.

I had to wash the original dress and now it’s all pulling in weird angles and at the seams. I have stretched most of it out but there is definitely some repair work that needs to be done.

About the Costume : Many thanks to Dianne who found the closest fabric I have ever seen! She also figured out the insane pattern that the sleeves have on this dress. Seriously, wtf is with the sleeves? (Totally looks awesome though!) The fabric is called “Flowers on Waves” and was very expensive (and only 25″ wide), but it is so amazing and well worth the time, money, and effort spent on making this dress. The boots were a find from Goodwill, the doily was made of a couple of them I bought on etsy and murdered for fashion. The necklace is a replica that was made by Astraea Designs. I was so happy to have found it and snatched it up!

Kaylee Frye – The Patchwork Pirate
Simon Tam – Metric Jack

Kaylee wears this dress when she first meets Mal and on her date with Simon

Costume Gallery

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Progress Potos

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