Buffy – Cheerleading Uniform

Movie : Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Variant : Cheerleading Uniform
Date : 2017
Made For : DragonCon 2017 (RIP – Hurricane Harvey)
Status : Done!
Also Worn : DragonCon 2022 – FINALLY!!!

About the Costume : This was a fun one to make! I found images of a screen used costume online (which are now on my Pinterest board), and I was able to draft a pattern based on that. I decided to forego the skort and went with a true skirt. I’m sorry, but in 1992 fashion choices were…bad. I’m not a fan of camel toe so I changed it. The outfit is made from Pon Te Am Scuba Knit in golden yellow, with the top flat lined to itself because it was kind of thin. The blue stripes are made from double folded bias tape in Yale blue. I had the patch custom made at AnythingChenille.com, then trimmed away excess background. I ordered the pom-poms from PomExpress.com – Narrow streamer 3-12″ half bright gold / half true royal, and sewed elastic to the batons for ease of carrying. They weren’t cheap but they’re accurate af.

The shoes are Reebok Renaissance sneakers in white, and I’m pairing these with a shiny blue unitard and scrunch socks to give it that early 90s touch.

I cannot wait to FINALLY wear this to Dragon Con, just in time for the 30th Anniversary of the film!

*Note: Products linked go to my Affiliate Link except the Patch and Pom-Poms.

All I want to do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die.

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