SG:A – Jennifer Keller

KellerRefSeries : Stargate Atltantis
Variant : S4-5 Uniform
Date : 2011
Made For : DragonCon 2011
Status : Active
Also Worn : Timegate 2012, DragonCon 2012, DragonCon 2014 (leather jacket)

Updates : I plan on updating with better patches or just remaking this. Thanks to Stitch, I now have the SCREEN USED Suunto watch!

About the Costume: I never get to wear this one enough! However, I’m in charge of the Stargate group for the parade at DragonCon so I finally get to! I didn’t make the suit, because of cash. The shirt is made from a blue moisture wicking athletic fabric – like the original. The boots are a color alt of the Hi-Tec multiterras that she wears. The leather jacket variant is from the episode “Missing”. I found the screen accurate Danier jacket and have since added the velcro and patches. The watch is a Suunto X3HR.

Costume Gallery

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