Natasha Romanoff

natasharefSeries : The Avengers
Variant : Interrogation Scene
Date : 2012
Made For : DragonCon 2012
Status : Active
Also Worn : Dallas Fan Days 2012

Updates : I’d like to take in the dress so it’s more flattering. Other than that, no updates…unless I find the SA dress and shoes. 😉

About the Costume : I really love wearing this costume. It’s super fun even if there are some inconveniences.  For one, this dress is scandalously short. I mean…I gotta wear booty shorts underneath short. I did however try to keep it as accurate as possible (Look at my skinned knee people!) The dress is a Frankenstein job (base dress is JS Collections Sleeveless Sweetheart Sheath), and the shoes are from Payless and are identical in style and shape as the SA shoes. Many thanks to Tony Stark for picking up the shoes for me since none of the stores near me had them in stock. You’re awesome.

Natasha Romanoff – The Avengers

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