Rose Tyler – The Idiot’s Lantern

RoseThumbSeries : Doctor Who
Variant : The Idiot’s Lantern
Date : 2013
Made For : DragonCon 2013
Status : Active
Also Worn: Space City Con 2014, All-Con 2014, Gallifrey One 2017!

Updates : v2 – I am much happier with this version! I’ve acquired a pink floofier petticoat and have since sewn white tulle to the bottom. It’s much better. I’ve also dyed a pair of the white Agent Provocateur “Jessica” heels to pink. Constantly improving! I may or may not have just bought more pink duchess satin fabric (found it again since my original source stopped selling it!) Looks like version 3 may be happening.

About the Costume: This dress is so much fun! The dress was a challenge as I had never made a pleated skirt dress before. The dress is made from pink duchess satin as the original was. The sequin fabric is a mesh that is flat lined to the satin and then lined in muslin. The petticoat is a white small petticoat I made for my Harley poodle skirt. I plan on buying a fuller petticoat and adding pink to the bottom. The shoes are the Agent Provocateur “Jessica” in off white which I dyed/painted the accurate pink and black (v1 were a pair of “Katy” that I cut a peep toe into, primed, painted, and added the bow out of craft foam). The earrings were from etsy, the headband is a duchess satin pink with elastic at the bottom. The ring was a find on etsy as well. The jacket is the SA Topshop moto jacket and the mother of pearl flower brooch was a find online.

Shoe tutorial can be found here.

Rose Tyler – Is there any other way to go, Daddy-o?

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    • The jacket I found on ebay after a lot of searching. Screen accurate Rose are extremely rare. And thank you! I plan on improving it (v3.0 haha) in the near future with a more accurate fabric for the bodice.

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