Rose Tyler – The Idiot’s Lantern

RoseThumbSeries : Doctor Who
Variant : The Idiot’s Lantern
Date : 2013 / 2019
Made For : DragonCon 2013 (v2) / DragonCon 2019 (v3)
Status : Retired / Recycled Into New Version
Also Worn: Space City Con 2014, All-Con 2014, Gallifrey One 2017, Gallifrey One 2018, Gallifrey One 2019

Updates : v3 – This is a complete remake. I found a beautiful beaded sequined silk mesh fabric that cost an arm and a leg at $160/yd – but thankfully with it being 60″ wide I only needed to order 1 yard. I also bought a heavier duchesse satin this time around. I will be wearing two petticoats to achieve the floof and support for the heavier satin this go around.

About the Costume: The dress itself is made from pink duchess satin as the original was. The sequined fabric is a mesh flat lined to the same satin, and the bodice is lined in cotton poplin. The petticoats involve two pink tulle petticoats with white sewn to the bottom to recreate how it’s worn on screen. The shoes are the Agent Provocateur “Jessica” in off white which I dyed/painted the accurate pink and black. The earrings were from etsy, the headband is a duchess satin pink with elastic at the bottom. The ring was a find on etsy as well. The jacket is the SA Topshop moto jacket and the mother of pearl flower brooch was a find online. The sunglasses were found on ebay.

Shoe tutorial can be found here.

Rose Tyler – Is there any other way to go, Daddy-o?

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    • The jacket I found on ebay after a lot of searching. Screen accurate Rose are extremely rare. And thank you! I plan on improving it (v3.0 haha) in the near future with a more accurate fabric for the bodice.

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