Scientist Dalek (New Paradigm)

Series : Doctor Who
Variant : Orange Scientist Dalek
Date : 2018
Made For : Gallifrey One 2018
Status : Active
Also Worn : N/A

Updates : Oh snap we were in Doctor Who magazine! (May 2018)

About the Costume: The dress is based off of a 50s vintage style a-line dress. It was made out of orange cotton and lined in unbleached muslin to keep it opaque. Black bias tape was used around the openings to give it some contrast. A black satin cummerbund was used to represent the black part of the top of the dalek.

The finished dress sits over a black petticoat with battery operated LED fairy lights attached along the bottom. The chest piece velcros on and is a LED tap light that I painted black and frosted the clear part of.

The dome lights are 3oz plastic shooters that I used frost paint inside. The “metal” parts are 3D printed holders that are painted orange and the lights are LED tea lights.

The balls / bumps were made with 3″ smooth styrofoam half balls that were sealed with ModPodge, then painted with two layers of pewter metallic acrylic paint. They were then sealed again with ModPodge, to give them a semi-gloss appearance. The balls are held on with industrial velcro on both the skirt and balls themselves so that I can wash the skirt and also replace bumps as necessary.

Stand back! I’m going to attempt SCIENCE!

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