Leia Organa – Senatorial Gown

leiarefSeries : Star Wars
Variant : ANH Senatorial Gown AKA Cinnamon Buns Leia
Date : 2013
Made For : All-Con 2013 and Rebel Legion
Status : Active
Also Worn : Various troops in Arkansas and Texas

Updates : Rebel Legion approved! I think I’d also like to eventually remake the dress (a little longer) and maybe a little smaller. Right now it kinda swims on me. Also the belt is now riveted. No more bobby pins for me! I have the best hubster ever.

About the Costume: I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, I blame my mother for that. Who doesn’t want to be the best known Intergalactic Terrorist…I mean Princess known!? I love Princess Leia and ever since joining the Rebel Legion I’ve wanted to make a Leia costume. Initially I used a wig for the hair-do, as I was blonde… It was an Arda Leia wig and that damn thing is heavy! I’ve since gone brunette and made a pair of “Instabuns” using Yaki braiding hair, some tulle, hair nets, aqua-net, and a needle and thread. They are a lot lighter and have held up rather well. The dress is made from white Jet-Set poly that I purchased at Jo-Ann, and I used the “T” dress method I found here. All of the hems are satin stitched and the hood hem is rolled and finished with a blind hem. The belt was made from a belly strip of leather cut into the right shape, white spray paint, aluminum flashing cut in to the correct shapes, and button covers purchased from Jo-Ann. I originally used bobby pins to hold them on, but they have since been riveted on. 🙂

Leia Organa is the iconic princess and heroine of the Star Wars legacy

Costume Gallery

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Progress and Submission Photos

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