Leia Organa – Senatorial Gown

leiarefSeries : Star Wars
Variant : ANH Senatorial Gown AKA Cinnamon Buns Leia
Date : 2013 (v1), 2019 (v2)
Made For : All-Con 2013 and Rebel Legion
Status : Active
Also Worn : Various troops in Arkansas and Texas

Updates : Rebel Legion approved! The dress has also been remade. It’s now longer and definitely not as wide. I use elastic at the waist to keep it flounced over the belt otherwise it’ll come down and be way too long. Honestly I need to remake the belt. It’s too big!

About the Costume: The dress and hood are made from white jet set poly from JoAnn, self lined with the most annoying pattern known to man. There are no shoulder seams, and this is basically a giant T shaped tunic with some slits on the sides (all hand hemmed of course). If you ever want to make this costume, I highly recommend using Jen Eyre Cosplay’s pattern. She came in clutch when I remade my dress. The belt is made from a veg-tanned belly strip that was actually spray painted, with the plates made from aluminum flashing and button covers. They are riveted onto the leather belt and the whole thing closes with heavy duty snaps in the back. The boots are just some wide calf white boots I found on Amazon, but need replacing soon because they are basically falling apart after 7 years. The wig (as I am no longer brunette) is a lace parted pigtail wig in color 4 that was stubbed and sealed w/caulk, and the “Instabuns” were created using yaki braiding hair that was twisted into the correct shape and sewn on to tulle (with hair nets over them) to go over the stubbed pigtails. They were basically the same ones I created when I had super dark brown hair, just this time I pin them onto the wig. I use magic grips (3 on each side) to hold them in place and THEY DO NOT MOVE.

Leia Organa is the iconic princess and heroine of the Star Wars legacy

Costume Gallery

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Progress and Submission Photos

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