Rogue – Uncanny X-Men

RogueRefSeries : X-Men
Variant : Uncanny X-men
Date : 2012
Made For : Dragon*Con 2012
Status : Inactive (Need to remake)
Also Worn : N/A

Updates : I definitely will have to remake the bodysuit since the paint from the belt buckle rubbed off onto it. I also have GSTQ’s Rogue jacket pattern and I plan to remake that in a nice supple leather. Aww yeah.

About the Costume: The bodysuit pattern was based off of KwikSew 3052 and heavily modified for the color blocks. It is made from matte milliskin. The boot covers were made using the same milliskin spandex, sewn shut, pulled around the boots, and th excess is then stuffed into the boots. The toppers are a separate piece that attach at the knee and also stuff down into the boot. The belt buckle is a rectangle of sculpey that was then painted and supposedly sealed. The jacket was made from upholstery vinyl using Butterick B5402. That was a bitch and a half to sew. The patches were found on ebay. The wig is a lace front brown wig I have with some white clip on bangs attached. The headband…is a headband. I am absolutely in love with this costume and I had the best time cosplaying my favorite mutant!

Rogue – The mutant who believes her powers to be a curse.

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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