BSSM – Kaioh Michiru

MichiThumb2Series : Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Variant : Summer School Uniform
Date : 2011
Made For : Hypericon 2011
Status : Not-Active (SOLD)
Also Worn : Chattacon 2012

Updates : Oh I am SO remaking this so I can run around with my Puu (Althena)

About the Costume : Wow! Where to start…The pattern for the top, sleeves, bow, collar, skirt – you name it – were all drafted by me. The burgundy fabric is a really  nice cotton sateen I found at JoAnn, and the green was some cotton blend I found on clearance. It was the PERFECT color so I got lucky! I sewed all of the ribbons onto the skirt by hand and used scotch tape to hold it all down while I did so. I used tape because it was easy to tear off from the skirt once done. 🙂 I used the same wig I use for my Super Sailor Neptune costume.

Kaioh Michiru. Soldier of the Sea. Sailor Neptune.

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