WandaVision: 1980s Agatha/Agnes

80sagathatnSeries : WandaVision
Variant : 1980s/Jazzercise
Date : 2022
Made For : DragonCon 2022
Status : Active
Also Worn: N/A

About the Costume: During the 1980s sitcom episode Agatha comes over and “helps” with twins Billy and Tommy while wearing this spectacular get-up.

The leotard is made from a modified version of KwikSew 3502 (my go-to, and now discontinued) and the skirt from a modified version of Simplicity S8606. They are both made from black rainbow stripe organic cotton jersey from Tilly and the Buttons, and lined in 4-way jumbo spandex that I happened to have on hand. The skirt closes w/hook and eye closure.

The cardigan is one I found on Amazon that ties at the waist. I didn’t feel like shortening the sleeves as I am more comfortable with 3/4 length. The tights are leggings I found on Amazon in bright af hot pink, and the purple leg warmers were also some I grabbed online. The shoes are my Reebok that I use for 1992 Movie Buffy.

The wig is this curly lace front wig I found, brushed out to make MUCH bigger, and the headband I made from light blue stretch velvet, yarn, and elastic.

I cannot wait to wear this next week and get a crap-ton of photos for you all.

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Costume Logbook

Lavender. It’s supposed to have a calming effect. Ralph sprays it on me every night, but there’s no taming this tiger!

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