Leia Organa – Ceremonial Gown

Series : Star Wars
Variant : ANH Ceremonial Gown
Date : 2019
Made For : DragonCon 2019
Status : Active
Also Worn : N/A

Updates : I need to hem the sleeves and submit for RL approval.

About the Costume: The gown is a basic A-line gown with an empire bodice that comes to a point at the front w/an inverted V. It is made from a knit under dress and chiffon overlay with 10″ train. The sleeves are large “wings” attached at the shoulder and bodice seam at the front to the side seams, which is actually incorporated into the front bodice piece (that includes the fold over the left side). The belt is made from silver vinyl and canvas and closes with snaps at the back. The metal plates are cut and sanded aluminum flashing and the button covers were used to make the round circles, which are all held on using chicago screws. The original belt was made by Christine at CCcostumefactory but I added the additional two plates required for RL approval. The necklace is the Planetoid Valleys necklace and the bracelet is Darina’s bracelet – both from Lapponia and designed by Björn Weckstrom. The hairstyle is created using three different pieces — A large/long braided hair piece with a thick elastic at the top to attach to my own hair and go down the back, a bun cover to go over my hair and the long braid, and a smaller braid to wrap around the bun.


Leia Organa is the iconic princess and heroine of the Star Wars legacy

Costume Gallery

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Progress Photos

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