Changing designs Mid-Construction – Cadance needs a makeover!

so far
Cadence right now

Normally I try not to do this when I’m building a costume or outfit. Especially if it’s mostly complete.

But I’ve done it this time. I’ve changed designs for Princess Cadance. I like the idea of a formal dress but it’s looking so….lackluster… at the moment.

I’ve decided to do more of a fit-and-flare dress! Surprise, surprise – I know. But it’ll be cute. 😉

MSPaint Mod
MSPaint Mod

I also plan on doing a huge pink/purple ballgown in the future from scratch, so I don’t mind this re-work getting…re-worked. 🙂

I’m also thinking I may have to do gold kitten heels with this as she does, in fact, have gold “shoes”. Maybe also make a small barrette for her crown as well. Pics soon of that!

I’ve been thinking and I HAD to get a new design down – so forgive the really crappy MS Paint modification but I just had to do it before I forgot. 🙂

Errrr – click on the mod pic to see the text I wrote for it.

I think I’ll be happier overall with this design and that way I can focus on doing a huge ballgown in the future – still NOT the wedding dress though – almost everyone does that.

I’m also working on a casual outfit so I can do a “Foal Sitter” version.

UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peek at the redesign so far….it’s almost done. Need straps, hems, petticoat, belt, accessories….


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