T-4 Days…

allconI think this may be a first (or second…) – There are four days until All-Con and I’m actually finished with all of the sewing! o_O I can actually spend that time planning and packing!? I don’t know what to think, I don’t know how to act! It’s crazy!

I also managed to get photos for Leia taken and submitted to RL. Hopefully I hear back soon and hopefully I can get that costume approved so I can partake in photos on Sunday. *crosses fingers*

This last weekend was full of win and accomplishment. I am proud.

Anyway, ALL-CON IS IN FOUR DAYS! That means I get to see my Texas friends who I haven’t seen since October. I know, doesn’t seem that long but dammit it is.

ConNooga2012Costume Lineup

Rebel Cheerleader – Friday (Pink Five Sneak Peek)
Kaylee Pink Fluffy Shindig Dress – Friday night (prom only)
Nurse Chapel (JJAbrams Style)  – Friday night?
Ghostbuster (Either reg or Kaylee) – Saturday
Princess Leia – Sunday

I think I’m actually going to do some panels  – go to, not put on. I have a few definites and some probables.


MUNCHKIN – I *will* learn to play this sober.
Pink Five Sneak Preview
All-Con Prom (for a little bit)
Costume Contest (only to watch this time :P)
Fractured Time Ball (for a little bit)


Crossplay 101
What is the U.S.S. Navras?
Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Whoniverse Update and Reading
Extreme Costumes
Gotham City vs Metropolis

And of course it’s subject to change without notice.

Well that’s pretty much it! I gotta remember to go fluff out my crinoline for Kaylee and get to packing! This weekend is going to be EPIC!

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