Procrastination leads to productivity…

6 daysSo All-Con is SIX days away. I’ve gotten so much done in the last day or so. There is nothing like procrastination to light a fire under your ass at the last minute. Great things can be accomplished at crunch time. I’m not saying it’s the cure-all but it tends to work in situations like this. So far I’ve been able to:

– Finish hemming Zuul
– Cut out the leather for Leia’s belt
– Cut out the plating for the belt
– Paint the belt
– All all the snaps and plates to the belt

leiabeltAnd thankfully my hubby is awesome and sanded all of the metal plates and drilled in the holes for me while I painted the leather. 😀

Now I feel like before I finish hemming Leia I should clean my office – or maybe wait until I’m back from All-Con to clean it all up.

Since I plan on wearing Leia to All-Con, I need to get the dress hemmed and then have the hubby take decent photos so I can submit it to Rebel Legion for approval. I probably won’t procrastinate on that! ;D

Don’t think procrastination works? Well structured procrastination does! Go check it out and learn something. ❤

For now though, I’m going to go finish watching Quantum of Solace so I can actually watch Skyfall… *sigh*



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