Another semester down…

I won’t lie, this semester was kind of tough! Not in a bad way, but I was challenged mentally unlike I have been in classes prior. It was both refreshing and exhausting?

Astrobiology, while difficult at times, was really intriguing. The idea of looking for life on other worlds, what makes worlds (and moons) potentially habitable, etc. I learned a lot. I also had to do an art project for the class and tie it into *something* astrobiology related – so I naturally sewed something!

I finally made my SPACE PANTS! I also tied it into how NASA is developing new fabrics for space suits and portable habitats for human space exploration. Win-win! (Also getting an A in the class helps)

Of course, now that I’ve made the pants that just means I have to finally finish my Jonathan Comets cosplay for DragonCon. I warn you all now and make no apologies.

I have the vest and turtleneck bodysuit. I just have to get a wig and cut the goofy bangs. Otherwise, it’s done. I’ll do a write up I guess once it’s finished, but I did find the screen-accurate fabric back when the episode aired with every intention on making the pants – and it’s just been sitting in my stash since then.

Crinkled silk chiffon – outer fabric

I have three whole weeks off until the summer semester begins, so what have I been doing? Oh nothing, just planning yet another costume – and buying fabric. Oops. I know that I have Cloud City Leia in progress and I will get it done (that damned embroidery!), but now I’m working on another Leia costume – her wedding dress from “The Princess and the Scoundrel”. I’ve wanted to make it for a while, and I partially blame kelldar for this since I’ve been watching her progress on her dress for months and love it so much. I also blame Variety for coming out with detailed artwork of the front and back of the wedding dress. *sigh*

I do have the Progress Log started, and I’ll add the spreadsheet to that once I’ve bought everything. Right now I’m still collecting fabrics and deciding on which pattern to use as the base.

There are a couple of other costumes I need to get cracking on for DragonCon as well. My jedi robes being a major one. I have all of the linen for that one collected, I just need to get to work!

Thanks for hanging out – here’s my payment of the cat tax. All recent pics of the fur kids.

In conclusion, cats.

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