Because life wasn’t busy enough…

The holidays are HERE! Life’s gotten even more hectic, but we’re managing. I can’t wait to get home to see my family – who I haven’t seen all together since Christmas last year (everyone visited individually over the past spring/summer). I’m struggle bussin’ to get everything together for the trip, but I am very very happy to be able to go home for Christmas and Near Year.

This past month the hubs and I went to New York for the Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere with a couple other Houston Ghostbusters and a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER franchises from around the US. It was a whirlwind of a trip that absolutely will get its own post. It was surreal, for sure.

Some exciting news — I got into grad school! I am going for my Master Degree in Microbiology and Cell Science. I am having a LOT of feelings about it right now – nervousness, excitement, you name it. I mean it’s been over 15 years since I’ve been in school so I’m definitely feeling a bit of that pressure. I’m not really anxious, but I do know it will be a challenge – especially while working full-time. But I know I can do it. I have to do it.

I got my trapper keeper at the ready! Let’s go!

I’m not even going for any particular reason other than I’m going for MYSELF. I have enough experience in my field that I don’t necessarily need the degree, but I WANT it.

On top of that, I’m doing quite a bit of traveling this year. Thankfully my program is online, so I should be able to study/go to class/etc even if I’m on the road. That means I need a good set of earbuds, though. Preferably wireless so I can use them w/my laptop and my phone. I know, I sound like an old lady finally getting w/the times but my new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack. *shrug* What can I say, my last phone still had one when I got it three years ago. Send me your recommendations!

So what does that mean? Well, I definitely won’t be able to dedicate as much time to the costumes I want to do this year but hopefully I’ll be able to get them finished. Worst case scenario, I just keep trucking until they’re done. I don’t like to put myself under too much pressure for costuming anymore. But that does mean something else – I likely won’t take any commissions in 2022, and possibly 2023 – at least not until I have a break in classes.

Our Gal Friday

Finally – last general life update. The house is still coming together, the hubs and I are working hard to get it the way we like it, and we adopted a new kitten. Her name is Friday and she is the sweetest little void baby ever. You can follow all of my cats on IG at @linkcolbyfriday. Don’t judge me, it makes life easier to just throw their pics up over there.

I wish you all the very best this holiday season, and nothing but good things in the year to come. Much love and stay shiny!

Shadow checking out the new plants.

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