2022 Costume Plans and Tips

Oh hey there. So now that the insanity of DragonCon is over, and moving, and family visiting – I have some time to just chill and write out a list of what all I want/need to make for next year.

Now I tend to only really go to two conventions (read: travel – local cons are different) per year, so that gives me a lot of time to plan for each one. For GallifreyOne 2022, I am not sure if I’m doing a new costume (maybe? IDK…waiting on the next round of guests announcements) for it, so I can focus on a couple of things for Disneyland, DragonCon, and ren fest. That being said, I’d like to see if I can go step-by-step through my weird plan/make process.

  • Make a List – That’s the first thing I like to do after kicking around a few ideas.
  • Prioritize/Finalize – While I’d like to make 50 new costumes, I know that isn’t realistic. I try to cut it down to 3, 4 maybe that I know I can work on throughout the year, and then if I have time closer to con I can throw in another one or two.
  • Sketch – Sketch out what you want to do, break down the components, and start getting an idea of what patterns you’ll need to use/make for those pieces.
  • Budget (optional) – How much do I want to spend? Do I have a strict budget? Am I going for accuracy, or even lush fabrics (probably, in my case)? Do I even care?

I use several tools to help me keep up with everything: I like to use Excel to keep track of how much it cost, where I bought it, what it is (w/catalog links), Dropbox to store all of my images, and Evernote to hammer out a step by step list of each component, make check boxes, organize my reference pictures, upload my spreadsheet, etc.

I also use good ole paper and pen. I have a notebook where I keep pages from this Cosplay Planner (cut out and pasted into my notebook), notes, swatches, etc.

Once I FINALLY have everything (or the very least – the base components) together, I can start working on the costume. Right now I’m waiting on a LOT of fabrics for Agatha (bodice lining, outer pleated fabric, purple pleated fabric…), and I’m in the process of embroidering the panels on the fabric for Cloud City/Bespin Leia. I have until DragonCon for those so you know, no pressure.

I do have a couple more things I’m working on. Coming up (Gally/Disneyland) I need to make a set of ears for my Disneybound Agatha Harkness – since a friend is going to bound as Wanda! I’ve got all of the components (except the fabric above that I wanted to use to make the bow), so it’s just a matter of getting them made. I’ll make a small notebook page for them, nothing really worthy of a whole Evernote workbook.

I’ve also started researching fabrics for a friend’s Shindig Inara gown. Once we get a few options together we can start working on THAT Evernote workbook. Mwuahahahahaha!

But yeah, that’s pretty much it. Pre-plan, buy, make a list for each component, then get to work. And take lots of notes and pictures! 🙂

Good luck, and I can’t wait to see some of the things you come up with.

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