I feel like I have way too many costumes in progress right now. If it’s not the whole costume, it’s some accessory or semi-minor detail that I’m working on. Here’s the current list…I think.

1 – Kaylee’s Shindig Dress

The bodice is mostly complete, I just need to add the peplum and sleeves, and trimmy bits. I was waiting on more trim from M&J Trim to come in. It arrived last week so I’m good to go. I was waiting on the new dupatta for the sleeves to arrive as well. It came in a while ago, and I have a pic to show. It’s perfect! I finally found a good color that isn’t screaming magenta or fuchsia! Hopefully I can get that one finished soon. I miss my fluffy. I’ve included a pic of what’s done so far on the bodice, but hopefully I’ll have to take it in soon.

sleeve fabric bodice progress

2 – Rose Tyler’s Idiot’s Lantern Shoes

An unexpected project. I was able to score a pair of the Agent Provocateur Jessica shoes in an alt color (cream with red trim). I ended up having to use acetone to remove the finish, sand the crap out of the shoes, and use a leather dye on them to get them very close to the SA color. If you see the featured image, you can see my old shoes that I altered compared to these new babies. I just need to go grab some spray gloss since I don’t have any at the moment. I will amend my original DIY shoe tutorial to include these methods.

Rose Shoes painting progress dye

3 – Agent Peggy Carter – Undercover Gown

I loved this dress ever since I saw it on television. A vision in gold. The fabric is a gold crinkled polyester metallic fabric with a wavy pattern. I managed to find some in a champagne color over in the UK so I had to grab some.

Ref fabric

Sorry for the crappy pic, but it just arrived so I needed to snap a photo! I’ll be doing a write up on this project as I progress.

4 – River Song – 2015 Christmas Special

This isn’t a costume I pictured myself doing, but as soon as the dress was ID’d I had to have it. It’s a gorgeous evening gown with a gold net sequin and beaded bodice with a black skirt. The dress has a slit to the hoo-hah, so it’s a bit of a risk to wear. I just need to find out what shoes she wears. 😉

Btw it’s this dress: Untold Deep V neck Gown With Embellished Bodice

Dress River Bodice

I have a few more things in the works as well, such as my super secret awesome project for Gally One and a few more I’d like to get finished/remade.

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