Dragon*Con 2014 List – Update 8/4/14

Dragon*Con is almost upon us! And this is kind of a “Greatest Hits” year. I will have a couple of new ones though.

~all are subject to change~

– Carrie Kelley Robin – The Dark Knight Returns
—Done, just want to remake the shoe and replace the “R” patch.

– Rose Tyler – The Idiot’s Lantern
—Done, I just need to get my wig styled into a French Twist and also add white to the bottom of my pink petticoat.

– Kaylee’s Shindig Dress – Firefly

– Kaylee’s Green Coveralls – Specifically from Ep.1 “Serenity”
—Remake the jumpsuit

– Luna Lovegood – Crazy skirt outfit (HPHBP)
—Acquire socks and bag

  • Luna Lovegood – Ravenclaw uniform

– Peasant Cinderella – Disney

– Jennifer Keller – Stargate Atlantis (Parade)

– Ghostbuster Kaylee
—Have hubster finish my proton pack!!!

– Enterprise Science Officer

– Bombshell Black Canary
—Make gloves and rose barette for hair

– Supah-not-so-secret-Disney-Costume
—Finish dress, make headband

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