Brief Hiatus!

Hey everyone! I know my posting has been a little sporadic as of late, and with good reason. You guys know I’m moving soon and we’ve hit the final crunch!

Gotta pack it all!

I’m currently packing, working on a veil, stressing out, house hunting, job hunting… ALL THE THINGS! Needless to say – I need a wee break.

I may post here and there until we’re settled in our new location, but I’ll continue to post to InstagramTwitterTumblr, and Facebook. My next convention isn’t until August (Dragon*Con, baby!) so I have some time to get some cool things put together for you!

With that in mind, if you have any awesome moving tips or life hacks, let me know!

Beat. Team. EVER!
Beat. Team. EVER!

Also I’ll still be on TheNerd 411 podcast every Tuesday night (8pmCDT) with my co-hosts Jason and Ken (save for next Tuesday April 28th as I’ll be flying in from house hunting).

Nothing but good things on the horizon and while I may not be posting HERE, I’m still around and will be back ASAP.

Stay shiny!


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