Sales Post – Costumes and Sewing!

I’m in the full-swing of packing, and I’ve come across some items that I’m selling! Most of them are fabrics and other sewing materials, but there are some costume items as well! Be sure to click the images for larger views! 🙂 I will be adding more items to this post as I come across them. If you’re interested in anything, feel free to leave a comment or Email me.

Costume Items:

jayne hatItem: Jayne “Mighty Cunning” hat
Details: Adult sized. Longer strings on side that can be cut and braided to the proper length. One side is missing a string. Originally cost $40

Price: $20 + shipping




glovesItem: Gloves from WeLoveColors in Kelly Green
Details: Women sized wrist gloves. 83% nylon 17% spandex. Only tried on once. Retail for $10

Price: $5 + shipping




SittingItem: Kaioh Michiru Mugen Gakuen School Uniform – Summer variety
Details: Top is made from a burgundy cotton sateen, with white cotton sleeves and navy cotton sailor collar. The bow is made from a green cotton poplin with ribbons sewn on. The skirt is made from the same green cotton and the ribbons are sewn on as well. The skirt needs to be re-pleated.
Size: Top: Women’s L-XL, Skirt: Size 12 Womens
Not Included: Wig, shoes, socks, headband, Haruka…

Price: $45 + shipping


hairItem: Beverly Johnson Weft
Details: 18″ length, color 613 (pale blonde). New in package. I used these to make an Arkham City Harley Quinn wig.
Amount: 1 package

Price: $5 + shipping


Sewing/Fabric Items:

greenItem: Green home decor fabric
Details: Chenille backed, brown and blue diamonds. 54″ wide. Can be used for an Elizabethan underskirt forepart or sleeves.
The green photographs differnetly in different light. With a flash it’s a brigher green while in fluorescent lighting it’s more drab. It’s a really nice olive-true green.
Originally cost $19.99/yard
Amount: 2 yards

Price: $20 + shipping


gold silkItem: Gold silk dupioni
Details: Home decor fabric. 54″ wide. Beautiful sheen to this.
Amount: 2 7/8″ yards (or at least that’s what the tag says. I’ve never opened it to verify.

Price: $20 + shipping

embroideredItem: Tan fabric w/embroidered flowers
Details: Home decor fabric. 58″ width. Probably synthetic, but would make a gorgeous Elizabethan underskirt forepart, sleeves, etc. Could also work for Rococo period clothing.
Originally cost $29.99/yard
Amount: 6 yards

Price: $60 + shipping


red goldItem: Red and gold striped fabric
Details: Home decor fabric. 54″ width. Chenille and synthetic. Would make great sleeves or tabs on a doublet. Original price $24.99/yard, bought on clearance as a remnant
Amount: 1 yard, 21″

Price: $10 + shipping

tan goldItem: Tan diamond fabric w/ red center
Details: Home decor fabric. 54″ width. Heavy cotton. Would make a great doublet. Originally $9.99/yard
Amount: 2 yards

Price: $10 + shipping



tableclothItem: Gold tablecloth
Details: Synthetic jacquard. Oblong. Could be used in renaissance garb.
Amount: 1 – never removed from package

Price: $5 + shipping

ribbonsItem: Miscellaneous spools of pink ribbon
Details: Two cotton candy pink, two baby pink. The lighter spools have not been used. The other two are slightly used (ribbons for my Shindig!Kaylee)
Amount: Lighter pink: 3 yards each, Darker pink: 2+ yards each

Price: $5 + shipping (for all)

pearlsItem: Glass pearls
Detail: 5mm size. White.
Amount: Not sure on the total number because I haven’t opened the bag.

Price: $3 + shipping



green trimItem: Sage green gimp trim
Details: 1/2″ width, originally $4.99/yard
Amount: 3 yards

Price: $5 + shipping



tan trimItem: Tan and ivory trim
Details: Cotton trim, ~1/3″ width.
Amount: 18 yards, 22″

Price: $20 + shipping

ivory trimItem: Ivory gimp trim
Details: 1/2″ width, nice lace pattern
Amount: ~6 yards

Price: $15 + shipping

flower trimItem: Embroidered black velvet trim
Details: 3″ width; blue and turquoise flower design. Originally cost $19.99/yard
Amount: 4 yards, 13″

Price: $30 + shipping

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