You should be sewing!!!

I keep telling myself that. Hell, my HUSBAND keeps telling me that. I know I should, but I’m having a bit of lack of motivation tonight… I’ll just muster on, though… I mean, look at my board! It’s FULL of things I am currently working on…

Gettin’ oraganizized, gettin’ organizized…
Get it, get, get, get ORGANIZIZED!

As you can clearly see what my main focus is at the moment… Thanks to the hubby for ALL OF THE REFERENCE PICS! They were so great to look at when I was drafting the pattern. But I do need to get my butt back to my office and get back to hemming – I mean All-Con is in a week!

In the meantime – An oldie but a goodie! ;D

I should be…

Ooh, I think I just found my motivation! I’m off to go finish Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!

EDIT: So I realized last night while I was sewing that I was working on my friend’s Zuul costume while wearing my Tully shirt… *facepalm* Totally fitting!

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