(Mis)adventures in dyeing! – Take two

Not one to give up so easily, I’ve gone through dying my coveralls again. This time using Dylon in Olive green. (Btw I purchased it at JoAnn for $2.99 per pack).

v3 dylonAttempt #2 – Dylon Olive Green

I used two packets of dye mixed in a stock pot with 8 tablespoons of iodized salt. I dissolved the packets in the water and continued to stir until it was brought to a boil.


  1. Weigh dry fabric. Wash thoroughly. Leave damp
  2. Using rubber gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml warm water
  3. Fill bowl/stainless steel sink with approx 6 litres warm water (40°C)
  4. Stir in 4tbsp salt. Add dye & stir well
  5. Submerge fabric in water
  6. Stir for 15mins, then stir regularly for 45mins
  7. Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in warm water and dry away from direct heat & sunlight

So I followed the directions, of course doubling the salt since I was using two packets instead of one. After an hour, I ran them through a rinse cycle in my washing machine. So far, so good. I then put them through a light cycle with detergent.

v3 post-dyeingResults:

Dylon is amazing. While the coveralls aren’t the super dark olive green that I wanted (I should have left them in the dye longer), the dye worked quite well! No more ugly scrub green! They’re pretty close to accurate in color. Also once I rough them up and dirty them up a bit they’ll be much closer.

I recommend Dylon for any cotton/poly blend fabrics that you need to dye!



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