Luna Lovegood – HPHBP

lunaSeries : Harry Potter
Variant : Pink jacket – Half Blood Prince
Date : 2014
Made For : DragonCon 2014
Status : Active

Also Worn: N/A

Updates : So I was able to get this finished for DragonCon. The jacket will eventually be made to look SA (aka I’ll be making a jacket), but for now I have a decent alt.

About the Costume : The jacket is one I found on ebay that has a similar color scheme to the SA one. The skirt is the screen accurate H&M Skirt. The tights I got from We Love Colors in Turquoise. I found some socks that will do as well. I used my Alivan’s wand that has vines going up it. It’s close enough for now, especially since I wear it tucked behind my hear. I wear my radish earrings and cork necklace that I made for my base uniform. The spectrespecs I also had from my base uniform.

Costume Gallery Coming Soon!

Progress Photos

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