New Progress Pages!

So I’ve finally acquired enough stuff for a couple of my next costumes that they warranted their own WIP pages!

carriekFirst up, Carrie Kelley (Robin)! I’ll be working on it some this weekend (specifically dying the glasses lenses), and doing a mockup of the pattern for the tunic and cape. I’m still waiting on the shoes and fabric – and I still need to find a wig. I have to have this one done by All-Con! And that’s next month!

lunaNextly, we have Luna Lovegood’s outfit from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! The screen accurate shoes and skirt both arrived last week so I’ve been souring for a jacket that would work. Or was accurate. Or even close. Oi! Anyway, I feel it warranted a progress page as well. I don’t really have a planned convention for this but I figured since it’ll be comfy/easy it’s something I could wear to all kinds of things (and maybe WWoHP).

cadancethumbThirdly, I’ve updated my Princess Cadance progress page once again. I’ve scrapped the wings I made and went with a pair from Yaya Han. The ones I made were 8 layers thick and far too heavy! Granted when I made my friend’s Fluttershy wings they worked out SO WELL! But that was my second pair so you know – made it easier. Also, I’ve decided to scrap the dress I originally had made. I hate it. Everything about it. Soooo I’m going to work on that a bit.

I’ll be making more pages soon as projects get going!

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