Follow-up: If at first you don’t succeed

All I ended up with today was cracked lenses and green hands! I’ve ordered some window tint film samples and the hubster and I will be trying that on the other pair of glasses. Here’s hoping. I also kept the cracked lenses to use as a guinea pig first. The samples were $2.00 each and are 8×10, so one sheet should be more than plenty but I went ahead and ordered two to be safe.

Yeah, so about that. Applying window tint to a really concave surface (or even convex – we tried both sides) is IMPOSSIBLE. All I ended up with was bubbles in random spots on both sides. I even tried slitting the film to no avail. sigh I’m left with two options at this point, and I’m doing BOTH.

Decent shape – not my favorite

Option One: Buy custom glasses

I went online and found Zenni Optical. They have these flat-top full rim frames with wider sides that they can tint. They also have prescriptions available, but since I wear contacts there was no need. I opted for 50% green tint and anti-reflective coating.

  • Pros: Green tinted lenses in an ok frame shape, available in prescription.
  • Cons: Not exactly the shape I’m going for, the green is standard and not lime green, they were expensive ($55 bucks!), and I had to pay for express shipping so I hopefully will get them on time.
I still prefer these frames for the costume.

Option Two: Have lenses for my current frames cut and tinted

Thankfully one of the vision places around here does lens tinting! I’m afraid that with the plastic lenses in the frames that they’re going to have to cut custom ones to fit these frames. Hopefully it won’t be a problem. The guy there said he’s going to try the tint on some dummy frames. I’m not sure how much it’s going to cost (the hubster said don’t worry about it – grr), and I don’t know if they can get them done in time or even if they CAN get them done.

  • Pros: The correct color (yay lime green!), probably cheaper than option one, will look SO MUCH MORE ACCURATE
  • Cons: They had to order a bottle of the tint (they don’t typically do lime), I don’t know if they need to cut lenses, I don’t know when they’ll be done, so many uncertainties!!!

If and when I get both pairs of glasses, I will do a side-by-side comparison and share my Carrie Kelley knowledge with the world! I’m an Open Book Cosplayer!

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