First semester down…

Biochem and a SpaceMom™ pen.

And several more to go. Summer semester starts up next week but I must say for someone who hasn’t been in school for 16 years, I did rather well. I kicked both Biochemistry and Microbiology’s proverbial asses (I mean – a B in Biochemistry, with chemistry being my weakest science, isn’t bad)! Next up, Infectious Diseases. Oooh, ahhh… It’s been difficult for sure and guess how much time I’ve had to work on costumes? Pretty much 0. I did make a set of Agatha Harkness Minnie ears for the Galentine’s DIDNEYLAN trip back in February, but that’s been it. School and work has taken up all of my time. *sigh*

Pure joy.

I did take a little bit of me time, though! I had one week off between spring and summer semesters so I took a solo trip to Disneyland. It was by far one of my favorite trips. No schedule, no stress, just me in the parks living my best life. Not only that – my favorite parade of all time is back for its 50th Anniversary, which made it all the more enjoyable! It was a very much needed break away from everything.

Hopefully with only taking one class this summer, maybe I can get back to crafting! I have a lot of projects I’d LIKE to get done for DragonCon, but I know in reality that list will have to be postponed. Maybe I can get 80s Agatha done and just re-wear my current Agatha dress. IDK. I’ll figure something out. In the meantime, it’s almost time to hit the books again! Classes start up Monday. Wish me luck!

MSEP 50th Anniversary – Best seat in the house.

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