New IL Rose Pics!



20170218_184151So I went to Gallifrey One again, and this year I was able to bring my Idiot’s Lantern Rose Tyler costume! Read: I was able to fit into it again after three years, so it was a last minute addition. I’m so thrilled to be able to wear her again (as well as many of my Rose items)!!! It’s been a long journey, and it’s still ongoing. I’m actually down 45lbs from my heaviest, and it feels good to be able to wear things again. I won’t go back. I need to get into Batgirl shape!

Anyway, you can see more of the pics in the gallery over on the Idiot’s Lantern page!

Fun fact… since wearing this I’ve decided that I want to remake it (yet again). I was able to score more of the pink duchess satin I used on this dress, so I may be selling this one at some point? We’ll see.

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